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Wow. What a journey. A kid from Brooklyn with hopes and desires to be someone; to make a change. How did I make it here? The story is too long to mention for one post. Instead, I tell it in drips and drabs over the next several days, months and years. I am a product of my fantastic childhood growing up in Brooklyn, New York, USA ( Is there any other?????).

I feel compelled to create a clear picture of me to you all; dear friends, colleagues and patients; all interchangeable. I feel very fortunate to love what I do and love the people around me everyday for whom we care for and work with. This Blog is for you!

This Daily Blog venue will BE UNIQUE from other dentists’ blogs, offering a direct insight into my daily thinking, decision-making process, personal life, professional life-successes and failures. This Blog is not going to be all about teeth. Teeth fixing is what we “do”, and we are good at it , but  life is much deeper than that. I take my patients’ health very seriously.  I really want to humanize my profession(and me) and my fabulous staff to make a much deeper connection to you in the community  thru the amazing possibilities of social media. Dentists are people too……..(HaHa). Sometimes you may come across some technical dental stuff, and other times just fun light-hearted thoughts. I will incorporate some visuals here and there and maybe video. I love to story tell. We all need to laugh at ourselves every now and then. Life is too short!

A couple of rules:
No commenting on my grammar
No names of patients will be mentioned

Otherwise, feel free to engage me with questions and/or suggestions. I do have a sensitive side, so go easy.

Robert Emilio,  with over his 24 years of experience continues to enjoy practicing on his friends and family Five days week ( and sometimes six days ). He enthusiastically seeks  additional training to advance his craft. He currently holds a Master in Implantology with the I.C.O.I. ( an internationally recognized professional establishment in Implant dentistry) and emphasizes Digital Dentistry. Services include pediatric dentistry, teeth whitening, dentures, porcelain veneers, tooth extractions, treating bruxism, and advanced full mouth dental implant reconstruction. He has on site state-of-art capabilities for same day crown delivery; prosthetic fabrication via CEREC. He also provides gentle care via routine general dentistry  including root canal therapy, and always in a cosmetic artistic approach. He employs both Guided and Non-Guided Implant  surgery techniques. In addition on site, he utilizes a CBCT to aid in diagnostic radiography.

Dr. Emilio Always Accepts  New Patients. He especially exceeds at treating same day emergencies patients suffering from tooth ache pains.

His goal is to keep his patients Teeth and Gums Healthy For Life.

Feel Free to appoint a Consultation with the Doctor. Open Six Days A Week

OPEN on Weekdays.  7:30am -8:00pm  (M<T<W<T)

Fridays.  7:30am-2:00pm

Weekends (Saturday only).  8:00am-2:00pm

111 East Avenue, Norwalk, Connecticut 06851.

You can always contact me directly via email

Office (203)866-7164

Instagram dremilio2018


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