The Crown versus Filling

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Sometimes, not always an easy decision for me.

A Crown is a wonderful restoration yet a destructive procedure where I drill away 2mm of tooth height and 1.5 mm of tooth wall, 360 degrees around your tooth, to accommodate a beautiful ceramic replacement of the removed bad enamel.

A filling is a filling. What is there to say? We do only the white ones in the office  because I am a  “cosmetic dentist” , like really…  All dentists are at least and should be, cosmetic dentists. Right? Think about that..Marketing, marketing, marketing……….

A tooth has Five surfaces. They are as follows:
Mesial-  surface towards the midline
Distal- surface towards the back of throat
Buccal-surface towards cheek
Lingual-Guess it?
Occlusal- the chewing surface that smashes your food.

When one surface is decayed you get the small filling- A one surface filling.
When two surfaced are decayed, you get the mid-range “model” filling.
When three surfaces are decayed, you get the big boy filling. You are almost there……
And You guessed it. When there is no more tooth to fill, you get The Crown.

A Tooth can “hold a filling”. However, fillings are not made to “hold your tooth together”.

Of course I over simplified it. There are other factors that I take into consideration which all require their own conversation. Let’s just say such I consider:
Past dental history, bruxism habit, para-functional habits, esthetic demands of the patient, age of the patient, home care habits of the patient, am I putting the patient in a worser position if I don’t crown that tooth ; setting them up unintentionally for a bigger failure?
Crowns are good because I can salvage the weakened tooth with a solid restoration that will last for many years. They attract less plaque because of the low coefficient of attraction due to the ceramic, they don’t stain with time.
They can be replaced and don’t last forever. My intention is to compete. I will always create with the intention to last forever using the finest materials and most competent skills. I want it real good, no problems for you or me. Everybody happy.

What God gave you did not last.Thats why you are in my chair.  How can you expect me, a mere creature blogger to create something better than what was given to you by greatness?

Best to keep healthy with good prevention.
Save royalty for Mrs Markle:)

Robert Emilio,  with over his 24 years of experience continues to enjoy practicing on his friends and family Five days week ( and sometimes six days ). He enthusiastically seeks  additional training to advance his craft. He currently holds a Master in Implantology with the I.C.O.I. ( an internationally recognized professional establishment in Implant dentistry) and emphasizes Digital Dentistry. Services include pediatric dentistry, teeth whitening, dentures, porcelain veneers, tooth extractions, treating bruxism, and advanced full mouth dental implant reconstruction. He has on site state-of-art capabilities for same day crown delivery; prosthetic fabrication via CEREC. He also provides gentle care via routine general dentistry  including root canal therapy, and always in a cosmetic artistic approach. He employs both Guided and Non-Guided Implant  surgery techniques. In addition on site, he utilizes a CBCT to aid in diagnostic radiography.

Dr. Emilio Always Accepts  New Patients. He especially exceeds at treating same day emergencies patients suffering from tooth ache pains.

His goal is to keep his patients Teeth and Gums Healthy For Life.

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