OMG….Don’t say Root Canal

Root Canals are good.

I have had SEVEN root canals (Yes, and I know how to brush my teeth).

As a child, I grew up on Oreo’s and Chips A’Hoy Chocolate Chip cookies. The damage was done in my teen age years! In fact, when Nabisco changed their formula to a “healthy hydrogenated” oil in their secret mix to become more health conscious. I actually ¬†detected the change in taste. Subsequently, I angrily called their Customer Help Hot Line to complain that their cookies tasted awful and different.¬†I have since gone organic and no longer indulge.

A root canal procedure is a process in which I remove the dying nerve tissue from within your ailing tooth. I generally make a very small hole, about 3mm in diameter on the occlusal aspect ( see last blog for surface nomenclature ūüôā ) of ¬†your tooth to access the pulp chamber via profound anesthesia. By the way, the dying nerve is responsible for all that excruciating pain upon drinking cold liquids, keeping you up at night, giving its own heartbeat…..

Once the entire annoying dying nerve is removed via micro “roto rootor ” utilizing specialized nickel titanium flexible files with the assistance of a rubber dam for your protection, ¬†I then fill ¬†and seal the now cleaned instrumented canals with an inert rubber gutta percha¬†.- A bit of Triva-¬†Nickel titanium is light weight, very durable and flexible. This is the very material that is responsible for encapsulating the fissure material in an Inter Continental Ballistic Missile-I.C.B.M.¬†. The rubber seals placed by me, prevent micro biology from creeping back into your body from your bacterial laden saliva.

This bacterial re-invasion from a micro mechanical faulty seal can potentially allow a reinfection.  The rubber dam is to protect you from me, such as to protect you from aspiration of my tiny root canal tools during the process while you are at a loss of your natural protective gag reflexes. Remember you are  supposed be really super anesthetized.

A root canal is a good thing. The pulp needs to be removed by me in its entirety because it can act as a source of infection creating a dental abscess, which is a very, very bad thing.  Some teeth have one pulp canal, others may have three pulps canals. All pulp canals need to be removed as to ensure longevity of the tooth. Sometimes, even the most visually perfect root canal treatments on  radiographic appearance can be problematic. The root apex(tip) can sometimes have very intimate non linear anatomy creating  an annoyance for a skilled operator. A root canal procedure can be a highly successful      (success rate)  procedure ensuring many years of pain-free function on the tooth.

Root canal treated teeth can crack after treatment because of their brittle nature. It’s best to get a crown soon afterwards the root canal treatment to ensure a stable functional tooth.

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Robert Emilio,  with over his 24 years of experience continues to enjoy practicing on his friends and family Five days week ( and sometimes six days ). He enthusiastically seeks  additional training to advance his craft. He currently holds a Master in Implantology with the I.C.O.I. ( an internationally recognized professional establishment in Implant dentistry) and emphasizes Digital Dentistry. Services include pediatric dentistry, teeth whitening, dentures, porcelain veneers, tooth extractions, treating bruxism, and advanced full mouth dental implant reconstruction. He has on site state-of-art capabilities for same day crown delivery; prosthetic fabrication via CEREC. He also provides gentle care via routine general dentistry  including root canal therapy, and always in a cosmetic artistic approach. He employs both Guided and Non-Guided Implant  surgery techniques. In addition on site, he utilizes a CBCT to aid in diagnostic radiography.

Dr. Emilio Always Accepts  New Patients. He especially exceeds at treating same day emergencies patients suffering from tooth ache pains.

His goal is to keep his patients Teeth and Gums Healthy For Life.

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