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Digital Dentistry is here to stay! The Dental profession is trending to eliminate those nasty rubber based impressions for dental restorations. Most recent industry statistics are demonstrating a rapid drive by dentists to acquiring digital impression technology.  An average of 10% of dentists in the USA currently offer the technology to their patients. My office has been utilizing this super technology for the past five years.

Dentsply/Sirona’s, CEREC unit is the industry leader, the best in accuracy excellence and ease of use. The company out spends it’s competitors in research and development constantly updating, upgrading and outpacing it’s competitors.

In addition to Scanning the dental arch for the proposed ceramic restoration via CAD/CAM, I also have the option to fabricate the restoration(s) Chairside utilizing a C & C machine.

Like all technology, there are some limitations. For now, I will keep it real simple. My last crown was created by this technology. It’s unbelievable to experience the experience.

Let’s do the comparison:

My PAST  –  (Which is the present in 90% of other Dental Offices)

(2x) Rubber Based Impression material (7 minutes of foul tire)

A Two Visit procedure two weeks apart

First visit -Lidocaine shot (1 and 1/2 hours Visit)

The Temporary restoration usually falls out around this time period. The Acrylic Temporary which usually pops off  bringing discomfort, aggravation, annoyance with yourself and me and loss of time at work. It’s all bad stuff here…..

Second Visit– Lidocaine shot,,, AGAIN!.  (45 minute Visit)    B.T.W. –Hopefully the restoration  fits into place on this visit like it’s supposed to. Lab guys have bad days too. That would require another visit and you guessed it, another shot! Ouch !


Your PRESENT at 111 East Avenue

One Visit, One Shot , 3 minute scan, 12 minute fabrication of final restoration, 15 minutes in the baking oven….Almost 1 and 1/2 hours in that chair! More accurate fit than the lab guy due to the magnification potential in the design phase. My lab guy is great. It is hard to compete with the software.

Which would you rather have?

More specifics to come on CEREC with Future Posts. Too much to cover on one blog post.

This is just the “Mystery Sandwich”.IMG_3175

The Scanning unit

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