I Thought “It” Would Go Away!

“It”,  referring to some kind of discomfort related to something in the mouth area.

I have used that line myself and I can’t help thinking and embracing the real truth. We are all human. I too have neglected my mouth, on rare occasion, and I am almost ashamed to say it . I’ve had an ache of unknown origin and am guilty as charged for postponing that consultation dental visit. Can you believe it?  Your dentist doesn’t like going to the dentist. Those of you who know me well, will agree,  that I can’t sit still too long “It’s tough to sit in that chair for an extended period of time.” Another excuse is that, “I’m too busy today”.

Excuses, Excuses …..  All people will do anything not to go to the dentist when there’s bearable discomfort…..Thinking, ” is he’s going to find something” or “I can’t afford that right now…..”

The Problem is ….. It usually does not go away.   Discomfort usually turns into excruciating pain with rapid acceleration when it comes to the mouth body part area.

Pain has no mercy or respect for your calendar nor wallet.  Also, the annoying thing about pain is it usually rears it’s ugly head just before you take that major vacation.

My advice is to address the discomfort in it’s early development. Schedule for an appointment so that myself and staff can assess . It could be something simple such as a sinus headache or a minor food trap. However, it could be a sign of things that should be addressed further.

Crisis Prevention is always better than Crisis Management.


Robert Emilio,  with over his 24 years of experience continues to enjoy practicing on his friends and family Five days week ( and sometimes six days ). He boasts a practice of over 9000 active patients.  He enthusiastically seeks  additional training to advance his craft. He currently holds a Master in Implantology with the I.C.O.I.( an internationally recognized professional establishment in Implant dentistry) and emphasizes Digital Dentistry. Services include pediatric dentistry, teeth whitening, dentures, porcelain veneers, tooth extractions, treating bruxism, and advanced full mouth dental implant reconstruction. He has on site state-of-art capabilities for same day crown delivery; prosthetic fabrication via CEREC. He also provides gentle care via routine general dentistry  including root canal therapy, and always in a cosmetic artistic approach. He employs both Guided and Non-Guided Implant  surgery techniques. In addition on site, he utilizes a CBCT to aid in diagnostic radiography.

Dr. Emilio Always Accepts  New Patients. He especially exceeds at treating same day emergencies patients suffering from tooth ache pains.

His goal is to keep his patients’,  “Teeth and Gums Healthy For Life”.

Feel Free to appoint a Consultation with the Doctor. Open Six Days A Week

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111 East Avenue, Norwalk, Connecticut 06851.

You can always contact me directly via email  blog@robertemiliodds.com

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