What is an Implant?

Essentially an implant is a man-made dental root. It has a screw shaped configuration and is composed of a machined milled titanium alloy.  Implants range in various lengths and diameters designed to replace a natural tooth’s root. Implants have many differently factory treated surfaces specific to an implants’s company and patent This surface is proprietary and intimate  to the bone cells ( osteocytes) enticing their affinity as to adhere to it. Some surfaces are added to the implant interface while others are created by being micro blasted off the implanting production. This is all in an attempt to create the greatest love between the body and the implant fixture.


There are many, many implant systems made all around the world. The last time I checked, there were over 75 systems and counting.

Let’s look at the Three Phases of Implantology:

The Surgical Phase:

The implant is surgically driven with a special tool under saline irrigation into the edentulous jaw by the dentist while the area is anesthetized with local anesthetic. (Video’s to Come for all you diehards) . This process takes about 17-25 minutes per implant.  Once carefully placed, sutures are utilized to close up and seal the surgical site as to allow proper healing.  This can be the most stressful phase

The Healing Phase:

Healing occurs over period of  2-3 months during which your new bone remodels around the newly placed fixture essentially securing it to your body.                    Interesting fact:  A properly integrated implant is at best  50%  in contact with actual bone surface area.  This is the most uneventful phase.

The Restorative Phase:

This occurs when the dentist loads the implant with the connector abutment and final crown. The abutment gets screwed into place using a torqued driver specially engineered for the specific drivers (mini wrench) for that particular implant system.  It actually screws into the big screw (implant). The final crown gets either cemented or screwed down with the abutment ultimately providing the finished product, a new tooth  to chew with.  This is the most important phase.


Implants and natural teeth, need regular routine dental hygene visits in order to maintain the integrity of good oral health .

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