Can I have one coffee with that sugar?

I was watching in horror this morning at a horrific site. I was standing there, patiently waiting in-line to pay for my double egg and cheese,  gaping with open mouth looking over my shoulder towards the coffee stand area. Clutched in his right hand, a young adult had gripped an old-fashioned heavy glass, I mean business, industrial sized, sugar dispenser fully tipped into his empty paper coffee cup. One one thousand, Two one thousand, Three one thousand, Four One Thousand………….. Full bore the sugar was flowing. A perfect cylinder of white poison graciously flowing into a perceivably bottomless container. Then a sudden stop, a casual innocent  swirl to make sure the layer of death was level, and once again, repeat……… I’d imagine there was at least 15 teaspoons of sugar in that cup before the unsuspecting soul casually added a seemingly splash of coffee. “What, no room for Milk?”

We all know sugar is bad for you at all levels of health.

Sugar and your Health. It’s best to minimize its intake. You can make a start right now this Sunday morning.

Please avoid it in your coffee. Start slowly. Cut back over a period of months. Set a goal. The benefits of its denial will be long-lasting and entirely beneficial to your over all health.

Below a comparison for your viewing pleasure:

Coco- Cola

Red Bull

Have a great Day!

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One thought on “Can I have one coffee with that sugar?”

  1. I love to drink Black coffee with sugar I’ve tried to drink it without sugar but is not a pleasant taste. I dont like how coffee taste with cream or milk I feel it makes it weak in taste but I need the sugar in it. I occasionally drink a monster I need the extra push during the day. I know is bad especially for teeth but that’s why I might take two a month or less..
    Do you drink your coffee with sugar Dr. Emilio?

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