Electric Toothbrush vs. Manual Brush

I have got a secret for you. You’ve been tricked. It’s not the super saturated with fluoride toothpaste that makes the difference in your dental plaque removal. It is, however,  the mechanical sweeping of the brush that is keeping the bacteria off and preventing damage to your teeth and gums. You don’t really need toothpaste for effective brushing. However,  if  you’re like me, we need that invigorating toothpaste taste to “feel” complete. Granted, the fluoride ingredient helps make teeth more resistant to tooth decay and the sparkly taste component  is less of an impediment and more of a motivator to pick up that brush.

For sure, Electric tooth brushes are better for home care than the manual brush Compare. The electric brushes essentially have microprocessors that drive them. There’s usually a timer that engages the user to brush for 30 sec. intervals. Some people need that timer feature while others don’t care for it; in and out and off to work…… Also,  built-in the handle, there is a pressure sensor mechanism that knows how hard you are pushing down on the brush and it effectively decompresses the bristle  from overly striking your teeth and gums, minimizing recessive tendencies. The newer electric brushes are more compact and can function well for several days on a full charge; no problem to travel with one for weekend trips.

The motor component imbedded in the handle of the Electric Brushes last around 3- 5 years. The heads are interchangeable and do need to be replaced periodically. Electric brushes are a  good investment because they are clinically and statistically  proven to make a difference . In my hygiene recall visits,  I see the difference. There is less plaque, less stain, and  healthier gums with my electric brushers when compared to my manual solo brushers. Overall super!

Electric brushes can be a bit pricey ranging $65-$255. The cost of the brush, in certain cases, can offset an additional hygiene visit per year. Overall, a good investment in health and a good return on investment.  For best value, always go with the basic model. The electronics are the same in all models and the workhorse is the basic.  Check out Amazon for the most competitive pricing and with Prime, no shipping cost.

I like the Sonic Care Brush , the simple basic model. I have got 4 of them in the house. Philips, the manufacturer, has a great “no questions asked”  return policy. Over the years, I have had one or two “go out” unexpectedly. They made good right away with a replacement at no charge.

Also, they make great Holiday gifts!

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  1. I use manual and electric toothbrush I like to alternate because I feel that using only electric toothbrush causes recession.. right?

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