Is Bleaching Bad For My Teeth?

Everything in moderation is what I say. In general, teeth whitening, better known as teeth bleaching is safe. In moderation, it will not damage the enamel of your teeth.

Whitening gel varies in formulations with concentrations ranging  from 35%  to 10% carbamide peroxide with application times for around  30 minutes, once a day, for 7-10 days.

The process of bleaching will lead to increased sensitivity because it opens up the internal pores of the teeth. This allows the bleach to penetrate the tooth, lifting particulate debris  to the teeth’s surface resulting in a whiter overall smile.  TIP: To prevent this uncomfortable feeling of cold and air sensitivity during and after the process,  it is best to use a special toothpaste with potassium-nitrate in its formulation soon after the gel is brushed off and away.  Any over the counter “for sensitive teeth” brands works well to minimize the lingering after effects of tooth zingers after the process. It may take a couple of weeks to get back to normal; ie less hypersensitivity.

The best time to whiten your teeth is soon after your hygiene appointment. All surface stains and tartar will have been properly removed by my hygienist and your stain free polished enamel will be ready for maximum  whitening potential from the whitening gel.

Teeth whitening is temporary. Any restorative material that’s non enamel will not lighten in shade. After whitening, sometimes composite restorations will need to be changed over to match the existing previously placed bonding.  Remember, whitening does not last. Your tooth does fade back to the original shade within 6 months or so.

Whiten  may not be an option for you if you have anterior composite work existing. Another consideration for a permanent shade is ceramic veneers or ceramic crowns. This would be a more definitive long-term suitable result for you. Ceramic does not stain. Ask me next time you come in for your hygiene check if Ceramic Whitening is an option for you. Or if you can’t wait, make an appointment for a consultation to address your specific needs.

Some More Tips if  You do Bleach Your Teeth:

Continue the process at home using a whitening toothpaste

Utilize a straw to consume dark beverages. Not recommended with hot coffee,,,, LOL.

Cut out tobacco products.



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