“I want a tooth.”


Being a dentist, I do get that request by patients frequently.  My sportive response usually goes like this.  “Do you want that new tooth to stay in your mouth or do you want it to go into that tin cup on the side of your bed on  your bed stand?”

You have got several options to confront that gap.

1) You can Do Nothing. You are not going to die without that previously extracted tooth. An option,  but not a very good one. According to the Mayo Clinic: People who keep their teeth live an average of  10 years longer than people who lose their teeth due to proper nutrition….. Tooth loss can affect ones self confidence and can be emotionally traumatic. It’s a fact. People constantly judge everyday. Upon meeting you, a stranger will access you on your weight, choice of vocabulary and smile.

2) Removable Partial Denture. Its plastic, uncomfortable, difficult to chew with, traps food attacks to adjacent teeth with metal clasps. That same metal clasping will wear adjacent teeth down.  Yes, it’s in a cup at night. Relatively inexpensive. You should not sleep with the device in. “Do you sleep with your sneakers on?”  Life Span 5-10 years. A Four Visit Procedure.

3) Fixed Bridge. Looks natural. All Ceramic. Easy to chew with. Fixed into place with resin bonded adhesion. Adjacent teeth effected in the preparation of the bridge.  Can be a great option. More expensive than the removable option.  Life Span 5-10 years.  Two Visit Procedure.

4) Dental Implant. Looks great. Increased bite power. Fixed into place via osseointegration. Natural in form and shape to previous tooth. Preservation of surrounding bone. Competitive pricing with comparison to the fixed bridge option. Can last a lifetime. Multiple visit procedure.

Every Closure of Space Different and requires a complete discussion of pros and cons. Ask me on your next hygiene recall visit or request a dedicated consultation.

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Implant Fixture
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