“Does Candy and Drinking Hot Tea Give You Cavities?” …. Leslie asks

Yes, and most definitely yes.

Go to the interview Leslie and her Candy.

Candy and sugar are synonymous.

Black licorice a particular favorite of mine, I’ll admit is a triple threat. Consisting of sugar, it’s notorious for plucking away perfectly good dental work, such as crowns, off of unsuspecting teeth. The black coloring adds the extra drama of the unbrushed teeth look. Next Halloween, if want to give your hygienist a nightmare recall visit, make a quick snack of it on the way over to the office for your appointed time. Drinking hot tea just melts things away creating a more hydrodynamically  homogeneous sugary environment that will actually create the worst kind of cavities; root decay. The hot liquid sugar just sits on the soft vulnerable part of the tooth with the bacteria laying down acid  gnawing away creating big dental problems.

Dental decay involves plaque formation. When candy is consumed and if the sugars aren’t cleaned off your teeth, the naturally present bacteria in your mouth feed on the candy and produce destructive acids. The acids dissolve away the enamel of the tooth, hence a cavity.

There is some good news. If you want that candy, go for it!

Studies show that if you brush your teeth properly within 12 minutes of consuming the candy, no changes will occur in the enamel.


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