At What Age Do I Bring My Kid In?

The answer for this question is ambiguous on the web ranging from 6 months to 5 years old. Here’s the reality.

Baby teeth should all be in place at or around two years old, plus or minus 4 months. That’s a total of twenty decidious teeth (primary teeth).

Girls tend to be much more mature and cooperative in a seated position for a dental evaluation, more so than boys. In general, it’s almost impossible to get a vulnerable supine child to sit firmly while that overhead light shines down onto their face for more than 30 seconds, let alone cooperate with requests by strangers wearing blue lab coats.

Therefore, it is my experience that the first visit for a girl should be at around Three years of age and a boy probably closer to Four years of age. Girls tend to be more gentile and passive at this tender age, more cooperative for sure.

Children have better nutrition today. In general, unless there is an underlying systemic issue or medically undiagnosed acid reflux, it’s rare to see caries laden teeth in the mouth of a four or five-year old; although I have been tricked. Massive decay in between the teeth can be hidden where my explorer can’t reach. It’s a horrible feeling for patient and doctor when missed. Traditionally, radiographs can only tell if there is something brewing in between teeth. That’s the rub. Children’s skeletal development is fragile.  I am remiss to expose children to radiographs at this early fragile age, plus they just can’t bite down hard enough on the bite block to get a meaningful diagnostic radiograph. It hurts to bite down on that thing. Frustration has driven me to search out cutting edge  technology. I recently purchased advanced non radiation halogen light technology which eliminates the deleterious effects of exposure to your child.  This device essentially offers a bypass to exposing your child and aids in the detection of inter-proximal decay. Dexis CariVu Caries Detection.

My advice is to bring your child in on your approaching recall visit as the “covert introduction”  to the dental office. The child would benefit from engaging in the new environment with  positive encouragement from staff strictly as an observer. This will set  the stage for a return visit as a young new patient in the nearing week or two. It’s best to solidify the experiences from the covert visit while still fresh in the mind of the child.

During the child’s first visit as a patient, no X-rays will be taken. If anxiety levels are minimal, light technology can be utilized to view inter proximal areas of teeth. A cursory clinical evaluation to confirm tooth number, alignment  and home care quality to be determined, reviewed and reinforced. Nutritional discussion is also handled on this visit if indicated. The primary focus is on creating a positive non threatening environment early on with positive cues and reinforcement thru dialog and reward.

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