Teeth in a Day, Really?


The real question is, ” If you could do something…,should you do it? 

“TEETH-IN-A-DAY™ is a revolutionary concept providing patients with fully functioning teeth on dental implants in one single procedure on the same day. This procedure can be done on a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. This allows for you to have a temporary fixed prosthesis immediately, eliminating the need to go without teeth.”Dralijanian.com

How is that possible?  Sure, it’s possible.  Increased accessibility to advanced diagnostic technology  is responsible for driving the rapid acceleration towards getting your teeth sooner than ever. This incredible 3-D rendering technology takes a bit of the “foreseen unseen surgical unknown” out of the equation during the preplanning of the surgical event. Assuming excellent skill level and acuity of the dental implant surgeon is consistent, this technology  dictates a better outcome. Less complications from being under prepared allows a seamless transition and the smooth execution of surgical care. The prosthetic application of this process has virtually not changed over the decades. A denture is still a denture.

Are you a candidate for Teeth In A Day? The T.V. advertisements are a bit misleading. I do think they are potentially good because they start the conversation; not really informational in content. People are becoming more aware and educated of the possibilities out there. (That’s the purpose of my blogging BTW). Some of my colleagues frown upon the media advertisements feeling that dentistry has now been commoditized   like everything else in our society.  There is a very small percentage of our population who are everyday dental suffers who I consider as dental cripples who could benefit with this option.

Several Factors which need to be considered for this option are as follows:

You must have great bone quality and quantity to anchor those implants. I mean very good.

Non smoker ( smokers lose implants more than non smokers)

Infection free-no active disease process ongoing

Non Diabetic or Highly controlled diabetic healing is compromised with is this disease.

I.V. Sedation preferable ( It’s a 6-7 hour day in that chair) Two hours for the surgical. event and 2-3 for the prosthetic aspect where the screw down acrylic dentures is fitted.

Can not tolerate an upper dentures’ palate aspect. ( you gag easily)

Your job does not allow you to tolerate a non movable appliance ( T.V anchor?). It’s very arduous and emotionally challenging to retrain yourself on how to eat, and chew with newly acquired removable dentures.


The real question is, ” If you could….,should you?

My answer is no. I like the thought of staging a case 4 months to 1 year. First, removal of infected teeth, then natural healing of the surgical site, implant placement and then finally prosthetics from the ground up. This takes time.

There are many advantages of a staged approach to reconstruction/rehabilitation. Treating infection first, is one.  I will always push to remove those decayed infected teeth and eliminate all sources of draining  purulence first. Implant placement into an infection free mouth is critical. I don’t want the pathogenic destructive bacteria, that incidentally were  responsible for the original tooth loss, to “jump on to” the newly implanted sterile fixtures during the surgical process.  This jumping of bacteria  is called cross contamination and can be a big problem. Not all bacteria is bad. It’s the bad bacteria what we are concerned with contaminating implant threads in the surgical process. In addition, if no immediate emergency exists, anesthetic should not be directly injected into localized actively acute infected sites. Needle sticks physically displace and spread infection via facial planes remnant from embryological development. The surgeon must eliminate active infection first and then carefully prep for future implant placement with minimal trauma to the mouth. Allowing the patient to heal over several weeks eliminates the possibility of surgical cross contamination and infection spread.

Acrylic dentures can suck for most and for the few others, they are just perfect. No more cavities, no more tooth aches, no more of the bad memories relived in the chair. (Denture wears should still come in for a hygiene check or dentures reline once a year. Dentures do crack and sometimes need to be refitted due acrylic tooth wear, weight changes and medication changes. Sorry, you are not done with me yet!). After the extraction surgery in the non-immediate implant placement scenario (staged approach), you may be that unbelievably incredible patient doing just fine with that immediate temporary denture.  You never know.  One can never assume that you will or will not adjust to the dentures without implants. It’s hard to guess how you are going to feel emotionally and physically in the process. No one authority can force that issue of adaptation other than yourself. Assuming you do acclimate to the dentures, there is no possibility of buyers remorse. You can save yourself a boat load of money without the implants. A single arch fully implant supported implant fee can run $25,000-$40,00. A complete denture without implant support will be 10% of that. That’s something to think about.

Another advantage of staging is better esthetics. I want you to look great and feel great when it’s all done. There’s a big guess on how you should/could look upon delivery of the final acrylic dentures in the “Teeth in A Day Scenario”. A stranger laboratory technician decides for you denture tooth shape, shade and positioning of how you, “should look”. That’s a big jump to an unknown.   Esthetics need to evolve  during the healing process. Your facial features change dramatically after full mouth extractions and rapid bone loss occurs around non implant sites dramatically within the first several months after surgery. Most of the time, going slower in the prosthetic phase yields a better end result because the bone and soft tissues that support the final product will have healed to place. Harmony of the smile, bones and gums can best come together with a little patience.

In Italian, there’s a beautiful expression take rhymes and makes sense.

“Chi va piano, va sano e va lontano”

Translates into ” He who goes slowly, goes sanely and goes far”

Too  many more advantages to slow it down to mention. Come in for a consultation


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