What’s Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling, involves trapping a tablespoon of oil in your mouth and moving your cheeks with your closed lips for around 20 minutes or so. This pulling technique has been around for thousands of yearsWebMD.  There is some opinion out there that this action of oil pulling eliminates general body ailments such as hangovers, sleep disorders and skin diseases. This swishing with the oil supposedly draws  toxins out from your body, to improve your overall health. I dont believe those claims one bit.


Clinically, as a dental health care observer/provider,  I do see a benefit from the oral aspect with less plaque accumulation as noted in routine hygiene follow ups by my patients who practice this technique consistently on a daily basis.

I do not  “Oil Pull” because it’s difficult for me to consistently find twenty minutes in my day where I am not interrupted, asked a question or simply bombarded with stuff needing immediate attention home and office alike. For those of you who know me, I got to talk. It is impossible for me to sit there, silently, swishing, suppressing my opinion or thought from being verbally expressed.  I do believe it’s a worth the while if you can find the time in your daily routine. Think of it as “another feature in your dental home care cap.”

My Choice Oil is Coconut Oil.

Coconut Oil is antimicrobial. A particular study demonstrated that coconut pulling significantly reduced the number of cavity producing bacteria called Strepococcus Mutans study . Yes! You can potentially get fewer cavities if there is lesser of a concentration of the destructive bacteria in your mouth.

Coconut Oil contains Lauric Acid and is the active triglyceride that kills bacteria that creates gum problems. A decrease in the amount of bacteria decreases your gum’s inflammatory response, better known as ginivitis. Less gingivitis is a good thing.

Coconut Oil also has anti fungal properties. People who get fungal diseases of the mouth most often have dentures or are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatment.

How about keeping your teeth as white as possible? Don’t panic, it’s organic…….Oil in general is a lubricant and creates a lower surface tension on your teeth and gums so that the bacteria and stains just slide off your teeth and gums resulting in displaying you beautiful white teeth.

And Finally, Coconut Oil tastes good. Who doesn’t love coconut embedded foods? Coconut Shrimp, Coconut Cake, Macaroons; my top three favorites. That’s all good stuff, right?

Coconut Oil Pulling Technique

1-Brush your teeth properly

2-Take a tablespoon of Coconut Oil and use it like mouthwash.

3-Go for it! Do Not swallow..

4-After 20 minutes spit the oil in the trash. You don’t want to clog the plumbing of the house or septic system. The oil may solidify in your pipes.


It’s not the cure-all. You still need to brush your teeth and see me for regular check ups.

PS. My wife Actually got this great tasting Coconut Toothpaste from Whole Foods.  If you want the name of it, you’ll have to subscribe to my blog. LOL. Just kidding, shoot me an email for the request.


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2 thoughts on “What’s Oil Pulling?”

  1. When I want to use coconut oil to brush my teeth I just use either coconut oil or a mix of coconut oil and baking soda. My hygienist said my gums were much improved. Is this good, or should I get the coconut oil toothpaste?

    1. Stay away from the abrasive baking soda. Use coconut oil to brush your teeth if you wish, but remember, spit in the trash. No need for extra plumbing bills.

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