Lower Implant Over Denture……. AKA Snap On Denture

Mandibular Implant Over Denture

Dentures can be incredibly problematic for many denture wears. They slip and slide. They pinch and gouge soft tissues. You really can’t chew hard foodstuffs with them. Are you getting the hint? They are difficult to eat with, even the “best of them”. Quality of life can suck!

The lower denture tends to be worse that the upper denture. The upper denture is self retained via simple suction onto the roof of the mouth.  A seal of the soft palate is created upon insertion of the prosthesis. The lower denture has no such luck. The tongue and floor of the mouth always wants to lift the lower denture out of its stability. The bone of the lower jaw tends to be thinner while the overlying tissue is more so fragile than the upper jaw gum tissue. The lower jaw also has two major sensory nerves called the Inferior Alveolar Nerves that can at times become compressed by the hard merciless overlying mandibular denture acrylic creating a tremendous amount of pain; a feeling of shooting electricity thru the lip. This adds to the everyday misery of the wearer.

A simple affordable life changing procedure which I routinely deliver in my office is the Implant Over Denture. This is a fabulous solution which simply remedies all of the aforementioned problems that lower denture wears suffer with everyday.

The procedure requires a Cat Scan of the lower jaw. This scan is most beneficial because it allows me to choose the most appropriate sized implants and relative positioning to be best supported by the jaw bone. Also, there are several areas of anatomic concerns for me as a surgeon that I need to respect. Knowing where not to place my implants is equally important as knowing where to place my implants. It’s advantageous to have a road map before the journey begins and the Catscan offers that.

On the day of surgery, I usually place 3-5 implants in the lower jaw in one surgical event. This takes me about an hour appointment. After placement of implants, tissues are approximated and the surgical site is closed tightly with numerous sutures of  both resorbable and non resorbable types. One of my assistants takes the existing denture and temporarily relines it with a medicated packing to aid and accommodate the post surgical tissue changes. The patient is given 600 mgs. of Advil in the chair, instructed in the basic post operative care by another of my qualified assistants, appointed to return for a 15 minute suture removal appointment in 12-14 days, leaves the office with their existing lower denture in place and an ice pack on their face. Total appointment time takes about 90 minutes completed with simple local anesthetic only.

It is important that the patient is instructed to wear the denture overnight and everyday as they normally do after surgery. The denture in place keeps compression on the surgical site and facilitates the healing process. It’s okay. The implants will be fine  submerged below the gum line beginning the process of osseointegration (fusing to the bone). For the first two weeks, until the wound seals closed,  I emphasize wearing the denture, without denture adhesive paste for the obvious concerns of wound contamination.

At the two month mark after surgery, I dremel  divots out of the patient’s existing acrylic denture base to create space for future female housing attachments that are engineered to accept the male counter component of the previously placed implants.

A chair side cold cure acrylic process of fusing the female attachments is done with in 10 minutes time.

The “Snap” is the sound of the male and female components engaging. A First Snap always garnishes a smile from me and a bewildered look of curiosity by the patient.

The patient is free to leave an enjoy a slip free lower denture. Inevitably, patients return for follow-up, happier, more enthusiastic about life and 10 pounds heavier. I am most satisfied everyday knowing that my staff and I are responsible for improving the quality of life of one human at a time.

Four Implants with Locator Male attachmentsUnknown-1.jpegimages-1.jpegUnknown.jpegimages-4.jpegimages-2.jpeg

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