Missing Tooth Options.

A patient presented pain free with a fracture to the gum line ( upper left bicuspid tooth). He had minimal pain only  when he pressed his finger on the gum line of the remnant root area. There was no infection noted around the area. The incident when the tooth fractured, was unremarkable “The tooth just snapped off”, as he plainly stated.

Fractured Root canal treated tooth
Fractured Root canal treated tooth Pre-Op picture of Tooth #13

Options were discussed 

1- Doing nothing, essentially leaving the root in place. “Not a good idea”,  as I mentioned because the rotting root would act as potential source for a future infection.

2- Simple extraction of the remnant root. “A very good idea, but what about the space?” I asked. “You can’t walk around like a homeless guy. It’s near the front, for god sake.”

3- Simple extraction of remnant root combined with a bridge to span the gap. The question to ask one self when faced with this predicament, “Do you want to have two of your teeth ground down to stumps, in order to close the gap for the replacement of one tooth?”  I explained. The consequences of possibly creating an unwanted root canal in the process, seems to be an absurd option for a single tooth replacement.

4- Simple extraction of remnant  root and replacement with a removable device, a partial denture. “Terrible idea”, I said. “You are way too young to put your teeth in a cup at night!”

5-Simple extraction of remnant root, socket preservation combined with a staged implant approach…………….Excellent Idea…. we both agreed!

BINGO! And that’s what we did.

Extracted fractured tooth with bone graft
Extracted fractured tooth with bone graft
Post Op-Picture
Extracted Root with Bone graft and Barrier

The patient was informed to return for suture removal in 2 weeks.

I plan to place a dental implant fixture in 2 months via a guided surgical approach.


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