I want that Gap in Between My Teeth Closed!

The very common procedure of Bonding is routinely utilized for closing a front tooth gap.  For some people their front tooth gap defines their individuality; their face and attitude with a mere smile. For others, the gap represents a disfigurement; a cruel trick played by Mother Nature.

I do believe that bonding technology originated from the NASA Space Program. NASA scientists engineered the process of securing(bonding) ceramic tiles to the hull of the space shuttle. Bonding was proven to be  a reliable, durable, easily repairable, and most effective approach of securing ceramic tiles to the hull of the space shuttle. The ceramic tiles were crucial in heat displacement and essential for the survivability of our returning astronauts. The process of Bonding is both Science and Art.

Bonding is technically a process of fusing two like or unlike surfaces. In dentistry, we are constantly bonding enamel to a host of dental materials such as composite resin, ceramic, ceramic /resin hybrid material and metal such as gold alloy.

The process of bonding first involves surface preparation of the surfaces planned to be bonded. Tooth enamel is etched with 37.5% Phosphoric Acid for 15-30 seconds then washed off with water. This etching process creates a microscopic roughness of the surface enamel. Once etched, the surface is air blown super dry. A clear colored bonding agent (unfilled resin), gets vigorously scrubbed and applied with a tiny micro brush by me, to the prepared surface. This unfilled resin supersaturates the previously micro-textured enamel surface. The resin seamlessly fills into the micro-roughen landscape of the enamel engaging unbelievably small undercuts of enamel rods which make up the enamel surface you and I can not see with our naked eyes. A specifically engineered Ultra-Viloet Blue light is then shown onto the applied resin by the dental assistant. The light initiates and activates a polymerization (hardening ) shrinking of the applied resin. This “curing” acts to fuse or “bond” the unfilled resin with incredible adhesion to the enamel of the tooth. Once the bonding agent is fully cured in about 20 seconds, multiple incremental layers of tooth colored  material is artistically  added and contoured to mimic a desired shape, by me.

The Principle of Bonding is Classic. It’s been around since the 70’s. What has improved are the materials of adhesion and options of bondable materials.  The choice of materials to be bonded to enamel all require slight nuances in their preparation prior to being bonded to the unfilled layer of the enamel.

Pictured Below:

In this case of gap closure performed today, the surface materials are the patient’s enamel and composite resin material. It took me twenty minutes. No shot indicated. No Pain. Everybody happy!






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  1. You always do a great job with everything you do.. I was impressed how nice it look at the end of the procedure. It look very natural and the PT was very pleased with the results.. Especially the mother😊..

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