What’s a Sinus Lift?

A Sinus Lift is a very technical surgical procedure, that a dentist will employ to create bone capacity in the maxillary sinus for dental implant anchorage.

The maxillary sinus is essentially a hole in the maxillary aspect of your upper jaw. It is composed of several bones. The maxillary sinus reduces the skull’s weight, produces mucus which moistens our noses and affects the tone of an individual’s voice. Internally, the sinus is lined with a what is called the Schneiderian Membrane. The membrane can be tissue paper-thin or orange peel thick.

When posterior upper teeth are extracted, the superlying maxillary sinus naturally expands to occupy the former root area of the extracted teeth. This is a normal biological consequence of tooth extractions; loss of bone support and atrophy. The extraction of a tooth may seem fine when you are in dire pain, but the subsequent consequences of tooth loss are many, such as: loss of function to eat properly, significant bone loss associated with advanced aging, esthetic nightmares and the obvious social stigma of failure.

Most often people regret the extraction of their teeth and are often confronted with regaining what was. In situations of upper posterior tooth loss and significant bone loss, dental implants may be elusive, unless the Lateral Wall Sinus Lift Procedure is performed.

A dental implant must have at least 10mm of bone to have a long term success. In maxillary expansion after tooth extraction( pneumatization), the floor of the maxillary sinus can expand so much as shrink down the alveolar crestal  bone down to as  thin as 0.5 mm thick from as much as 15mm of bone height when you were a teenager. This process of pneumatization occurs very quickly over a period of several years with the greatest changes in the first 6 months after tooth loss.

My  sinus lift procedure involves,  administering local anesthetic to the upper jaw. A single long incision is made and the gum retracted away from the upper jaw. The underlying maxilla jaw is revealed upon reflection of the tissue. A small window is then created by my dental surgical drill just down to the fine membrane WITHOUT it’s perforation. A dedicated set of instrument curettes are then utilized to reflect the membrane off the inner aspect of the sinus, thus releasing and creating a relative space. Think of sticking your hand in between the pillow (sinus floor) and pillow case (membrane) and making a space. Eventually with patience, a big lift is created into which allograft ( human cadaver bone) is gently packed to create a new maxillary floor (or  new implant ceiling).  Essentially the relative dimensions of space are reformulated to create new “room” for the dental implants to be placed several months later. Once bone is  nicely  packed, I then insert a temporary collagen blanket  seal over the aforementioned window and close the flap down with many sutures. With time, everything heals and the patient’s actual bone cells replace the donated bone graft to create a unified body of gorgeous healthy viable foundation ready for dental implantation.

The patient goes home with ice to the face, pain killers, antibiotics for the week and chills with Netflix for the evening. The procedure is predictable and usually results in a substantial amount of regenerated healthy bone. It takes me about an hour and 20 minutes start to finish.

Check it Out( GRAPHIC BEWARE) !

My You Tube Channel to see Me in Action Live! performing the Lateral Wall Sinus Lift procedure on my patient.

My You Tube Channel,  Robert Emilio DDS and Associates


Pre-Op view Panoramic View of maxillary sinuses
Pre-Op View Cross Section of the Right Maxillary Sinus via CBCT
Post Op Panoramic View of Sinus Bone Augmentation of Right Maxillary Sinus

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