Does Charcoal Toothpaste Work?

The Setting

Last night, my wife and I were invited for dinner at a dear friend’s house. The occasion was nothing other than a post holiday chill evening. We had a fabulous time reminiscing enjoying excellent food, great wine and light conversation. “Kimberly you have a dazzling white smile” my wife said, admiring in awe . “It’s the charcoal toothpaste”, Kimberly replied. ” I just brush it on and leave it there for a bit, then brush off .”

I’ve got to admit, Kim’s teeth were very white but not just white: they were an opulent natural white. I was thinking that perhaps I should further investigate this magical dentrifice.

The Research

Charcoal is everywhere. It’s incorporated into a range of products from cosmetic facial astringents to supplemental pills for colon cleansing. Essentially, think of the charcoal molecule as a large porous sponge molecule that is capable of straining smaller microscopic particles through a physical exchange of motion. In other words, as particle ridden fluid washes through the bigger charcoal (sponge) molecule, they get trapped or absorbed within the physically convoluted configuration of the charcoal molecule. This thereby allows the fluid carrying the tiny debris to exit the larger charcoal molecule clear and debris free because the smaller caustic debris was trapped behind within the charcoal molecule.

The Test and Results

Charcoal powder on a wet toothbrush and brushed regularly.One time for about 60 seconds.

Before…..Not Too Bad…
Give me a Kiss
After One minute brush application


Charcoal product does not whiten teeth. It just removes the surface stains exposing the underlying natural luster of nature’s best. 

The Charcoal is just another abrasive cleanser , albeit organic, when it’s on the end of a toothbrush.

There is No fresh tingly taste to the charcoal product. In fact, there is NO TASTE.

There was no sensitivity in the application or post application of the charcoal paste. Many people suffer from tooth sensitivity to cold temperatures soon after at home or professional tooth whitening. However, charcoal toothpaste may be a nice simple organic measure to lighten up without the hassle of that dreaded tooth pain post whitening.

It made a big mess in the bathroom vanity. Be prepared for a cleanup of your work area. Keep paper towels nearby for the cleanup. Most importantly, the mess may be worth the result!


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