What is a Sinus Intrusion?

The Consultation

Several years ago, a new patient presented for an implant consultation. The “spirit of the conversation” went something like this……..According to her, she was in desperate desire to chew again, on her right side. Her two previous dentists told her that in order for her to get the desired dental implant in the upper right side, she would need to get a full blown sinus lift procedure. She implored,” I don’t want that big surgery. The thought of it makes me cringe. My friend had it done and she was swollen for days. Can you help me?”  

My Introspective Thought

After that sincere plea for help it got me thinking about an alternative procedure being promoted at a dental seminar several months prior. I was thinking, rhetorically, can I do this for this beautiful lady? In brief, it was a minimally invasive procedure. Generally, I could potentially create sizable bone for the future implant. Lastly, there would be a minimal discomfort. After all, I wanted to help her. I had the motivation and glimmer of curiosity. In short, I said, “Let’s take a radiograph and I will see what I can do for you.”

The Lateral Wall Sinus Lift Procedure

A Lateral Wall Sinus Lift procedure is probably the most invasive procedure we execute in dentistry. Essentially, the dentist breaks into the maxillary sinus compartment with a drill, teases a thin delicate membrane off the floor of the fractured sinus and raises it, utilizing a set of specifically designed curved curettes. That’s to say, once the Synerderian membrane is gently displaced, cadaver bone is furthermore augmented to the newly created space to create a pseudo sinus floor. Subsequently, this augmented site provides the footing foundation for the future implant fixture. (I write about this in great detail in a previous blog. See “Sinus Lift” or visit my You Tube Channel Robert Emilio DDS & Associates, to witness the actual procedure live).

By the way, the implant can not be immediately placed until this new bone matures. Grafted bone needs to heal. Ordinarily, post operative swelling lasts about 3 days. Furthermore, this newly grafted bone can take up to six months to heal. Lastly, there’s a needed secondary surgery. Similarly, the implant must get inserted later on. Oh yes. Then there is an additional healing period of three months.

Evaluation & Discussion of the Cat Scan

To summarize, I said, “No problem”, with confidence. Furthermore, I continued on.”To begin with, how does it sound if I make a tiny incision and work thru a little tiny hole of 5.0 mm diameter? Next, I will then gently plunge saline water thru this little access hole to “push” the sinus membrane off the sinus floor. In short, it goes like this. Usually, one shot of local anesthetic is all that is needed. Incidentally, one small incision. So I then, push away the sinus membrane off the floor. Lastly, I will insert the bone graft and then finally, simultaneously, place the implant fixture. In short, does that sound agreeable? ” This is called a Sinus Intrusion Crestal Approach. To sum up, as I explained,” I can do it for you. I do it regularly(in my head)! Furthermore, book it today.”

Check it Out Live, If you Dare!

( You can see this procedure live on my You Tube Channel Robert Emilio DDS & Associates. Sinus Intrusion The Crestal Approach

Needless to say. She came in the other day for routine hygiene check. In conclusion, everything looked great. Likewise, see below radiographic progression

The Two Year Radiographic Follow Up

Pre Op Schematic. Tooth #3 Missing
Post Op. Fabulous Bone height achieved on Implant #3 (part of the bridge (#3-#5)

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