What is a Frenum? (Pronounced “Free-num”)

A Frenum is a fold of tissue that connects the lip directly to gum tissue which usually contains strands of muscle tissue.

Where does a Frenum Exist in the Mouth?

They are in many areas. Just explore your mouth with your tongue! You can find a frenum attaching from the inner of the upper lip above the central incisors attaching to the gum. Similarly, you’ll find the same on the lower lip. In addition, another important frenum will be responsible for attaching the floor of your mouth to the base of your tongue. This is called the lingual frenum. Frenums can run great lengths of attachment to underlying tissue and vary in thickness.

Can a Frenum be a Problem?

Most of the time, frenums are not a problem. However, it depends.

What’s a Frenectomy?

That’s simple. For one thing, it involves a tiny bit of local anesthetic. Without delay in about 5 seconds the laser obliterates the tedious attachment. At an instant, all gone. Furthermore, no bleeding and no stitches. In a word, maybe an Advil later on during your day.

Laser Scalpel utilized for the deed.

Frenums and Newborns

For example, let’s examine a long frenum on a baby’s tongue. Notably for a newborn baby whose breastfeeding, a high lingual attached frenum can frustrate and impair the newborn’s ability to “latch on” to the mother. In this case, the tightly bound tongue is restricted from the mechanical suckling action for the baby. Subsequently, nourishment can be compromised.

Poor Baby……

Fenums and Orthodontics

Frenums can be problematic for the orthodontist if you want the gap in between your teeth closed. On the negative side, this thick muscle attachment is notorious for pulling and splaying front teeth apart. Consequently, I always advise to get your frenectomy BEFORE you begin your orthodontic treatment. Most importantly, this will potentially minimize the chances of the gap annoyingly reappearing post orthodontic completion. On the other hand, a frenum can be responsible for your iconic identity.

The Gorgeous Lauren Hutton, dare I say…..

Frenums and Periodontics

A high frenum attachment will pull the gingival attached tissue AWAY from your teeth further exacerbating gingival recession. Ouch! That hurts me just thinking about it. Consequently, gingival recession results in exposed roots. Thus, teeth will be more sensitive to cold temperatures.

Thick Frenum Attachment ( Before Laser )
After Laser

Note: the gum receding away (Before Laser)
(After Laser)

Frenums and Speech Impact

Verbal communication is paramount in life. If one is “tongue tied”, the complications of how that affliction can impact the social, emotional and general well being of the individual is staggering. It’s mind blowing. The thought of a simple zap with the laser swipe and how it could subsequently release a tenacious frenum. In the first place, elimination is simple. Secondly, it’s inexpensive. Of course, it’s nonthreatening. Likewise, it takes about 5 seconds. In the final analysis, it could have a profound impact. As a result, it’s life altering. In effect, a crippling speech impediment eliminated.


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