Quadrant Dentistry

The One Visit Cosmetic Turn-Around

I routinely replace amalgam fillings for various reasons. For example, a restoration demands replacement due to a failing marginal seal. Particularly, others fail after many years of function due to simply being worn down. As a result, they just outlive their usefulness. Many patients are concerned about an amalgam’s chemical composition. Silver fillings consist of 50%mercury. Speaking about this, there is a legitimate concern of general health implications. By far, most patients want their silver fillings replaced because of esthetics. Indeed, silver fillings are just ugly.

The Process

With this in mind, I prefer to work on a quadrant at time. That’s to say: Upper right. Lower right. Upper left. Lower left. Quadrant dentistry is easy for me. Quadrant dentistry is a super process to replace a string of adjacent amalgams. By the same token, it’s easier for the patient and always fewer shots of local anesthetic. Thus, everybody likes that!

A “string of silver fillings” waiting to be evicted.


For a start, one shot of anesthetic. Above all, I prefer to isolate the area with a rubber dam. Indeed, the is mutually beneficial. Even more, it protects you from me. My dental drill can be annoying to curious tongues. Regardless, the dam will catch any tooth and silver filling debris from being swallowed. Albeit a bit claustrophobic for some. Besides being cumbersome for myself to place correctly. Above all, it’s best when the opportunity presents itself.

Rubber Dam Isolation in place


Filling replacement required about an hour’s time. Despite the dam’s isolation of “stretching” patients open, many patients actually appreciate it afterwards.

Lastly, the final restorations were tooth colored bonded composites. All teeth were restored to beautiful form. Furthermore, I expect many years of function.

Final Restorations in place.


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