Yuck Mouth! AKA Bad Breath!

The Plot

I was visiting an old high school friend few years back. He confided that he had a problem. For sure, the problem was personal. He knew that I was a dentist and a close friend. “Rob”, he said. “You’ve got to help me.” Sure Billy, I replied with a nod of seriousness. “Well” he reluctantly said. “My girlfriend’s breath really stinks so bad.”

Bad breath is like an onion. The process of eradicating it is like peeling away a layer at at time. Incidentally, there could be multiple simultaneously occurring sources.


What is halitosis? Halitosis, better known as Bad Breath, is essentially gas compounds released from bacteria. Moreover, these “smelly gas molecules” are called volatile sulfur compounds (VSC’s) . Indeed, the VSC’s is the rotten egg smell we abhor.

Sources of Halitosis

Halitosis has many sources. In general, there are three sources of origination of these VSC:

Oral Cavity-Mouth (80%)

By far, the most common source is the oral cavity. There are many factors related, that may come into play. They are as follows:

Poor dental hygiene

Periodontal disease

By far, this is a complex chronic condition. It effects the bone foundation of your teeth. Moreover, it’s a bacterial infection that attacks your jaw bones. However, when caught early, it’s easy to stop destructive progression. More importantly, most types of periodontal diseases are treated to a successful outcome.

Dental caries

Tobacco products

Dental infections

Dry mouth/ xerostomia

Go to my recent blog on xerostomia or see my YouTube Channel.

Certain Foods

Garlic and raw onions do it for me

Nasal Cavity -Maxillary Sinuses (10%)

post nasal drip

Sinus infection

Gastrointestinal-Stomach (10%)

Low Carb/High protein diets produce “ketone bodies”.

These “aromatic” keytone bodies are byproducts in the metabolic breakdown of the body’s stored fat.

Vitamin Supplements


Certain medications specifically those that contain nitrates as seen in blood pressure medications.

Acid Reflux

Chronic reflux of gastric acids (GERD).


Once the offending source is identified, education and treatment can be specifically focused on attacking it.

Locate- Kill- Neutralize

The approach to fresh breath can be simple. To begin with, locate the origin. Next, kill the bacteria. Afterwards, neutralize the VCR’s.


Incidentally, a huge source of oral mal odor originates from the tongue. By the way, a real easy tip to do is scrape your tongue. Use a tongue scraper. In short, a lot of bacteria can lodge within the tongue’s top surface. In summation, a simple swipe of the tongue once a day in the morning will mechanically remove the bacteria. Finally, finish off with an alcohol free mouthwash. Alcohol free is important. As a final point, alcohol is an astringent. That is, it will dry your mouth. Furthermore, a dry mouth will promote more bacteria. Hence, more VCR’s.


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