Avoid Perimplantitis: Dental Implants and their Maintenance

ICOI World Congress XXXVI

The International Congress of Oral Implantologists ( I.O.C.I. ) is an association of general dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists, prosthodontists, endodontists, orthodontists, laboratory technicians, auxiliaries, industry representatives, researchers, faculty members, pre and post doctoral graduate dental students as well as the general public.

The I.C.O.I. is Devoted To Dental Implant Education.

Last year’s meeting was centered around Implant Failure. In particular, the seminar focus; Cause For The Dental Implant Failure. Coupled with remedies for dentists to manage failing implants.

The Take Home Message for Me.

Prevention and implant maintenance is critical. In the first place, failures are more common than early reported in the literature. By the same token, do not be despondent if you currently have dental implants or choose to embark in future implant dentistry. On the contrary, the future is bright.

Recent Findings for Implant Failure

1-PERIODONTAL DISEASE can cause Implant failures. When it is diagnosed, it must be eradicated PRIOR to implant placement. The mouth must be periodontal disease free……… The reason : Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection. These bacterium will “jump” from your natural teeth onto your new implant. Subsequently, you will get periodontal disease on the implant. Under those circumstances, this inflammatory condition of bone loss around an implant is called periimplantitis.

2- Smoking causes a higher incidence of implant problems. In other words, non smokers retain more implants. For this reason, smokers should consider a cessation program.

3-Poor Metabolic Control patients. Diabetics have a greater loss of implants. In addition to Immunocompromised patients ( H.I.V.) and those with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease C.O.P.D

4- Less Than Ideal Placement by the Dentist, can be a factor for failure. The implant needs to placed in the most functional, accessible location to your toothbrush by the dentist. Less than ideal placement, may contribute to its demise. Guided surgery, which I preform in my office helps avoid this complication. Many of my implant cases are driven via guided surgery. Look to my future YouTube posts at Robert Emilio & Associates for my actual guided surgery procedure.

5-Cement contamination remnants. In several words, lack of removal of all dental cement upon placing the final crown can be problematic. Infact, this cement irritant will act as a nidus for bacterial infiltration. Subsequently, an infection around the implant can ensue.

6-Lack of better quality bone. High cholesterol patients tend to have “fatty” bone, of lesser quality. Essentially, not all bone is the same in quality. Lack of Vitamin D is drawing a lot of attention. The data is still formulating. Stay tuned.

Strategy that I have Executed in My Office To minimize failure is pretty simple. This is what I tell my patients……………..

“I want No Problems as much as YOU want No problems. This is what You Must Do!”

My Recommendations Implemented in My Office For My Existing Patients with dental Implants and Future Recipients .

1- With out delay, periodontal disease must be treated prior to implant placement. In this case, scaling and root planning under local anesthetic.

2-For my smokers, I understand it’s an addiction. I am not perfect either. I am not here to judge or point a finger. As a brief aside, I will enjoy a Padron 1926 cigar, if it’s an occasion,,,,but the question to ask yourself…”Are you ready to deal with the consequences?”Consider a Smoking Cessation Program. That’s to say, consult your MD on getting that started.

3-Check Up with your M.D. It must be remembered there is a connection between teeth and body. A good idea is to make sure your cholesterol, Vitamin D levels, and sugar are in normal range.

4-With this in mind, I would prefer an additional Vitamin D uptake of 2000 IU/day.

5-Professional Hygiene Maintenance 3x year by may talented hygienists. In the final analysis, they are my gatekeepers who are responsible for your maintenance education and early the detection of potential problems.

6- Purchase a Waterpik device. For the most part, they are great when used properly. In the long run, a fabulous investment. In brief, you will be amazed “how much you missed”, after you brushed. Are you up to the challenge?

7-In light of the afore mentioned, use a Chorahexadine rinse once a week. In reality, it is industrial strength mouthwash. This is the next best thing to safeguard those implants.


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