You Don’t Have To Leave Without a Front Tooth

Fractured root underneath an old crown

This Happened today……….

After Hearing The Bad News

It was determined that his tooth was hopelessly fractured. Unfixable. In fact, non restorable. With this in mind, all options for tooth replacement were discussed. The patient was adamant . He stated forcefully, “I do not want to leave here without a tooth and I do not want a flipper .”

The Plan

“Kill Two Birds with One Stone”

my Thought process

Foremost the best strategy, was to make the patient happy by fulfilling his expectations by the end of the visit. A fixed tooth in place was what he wanted. In this case, my plan was to extract the fractured tooth and simultaneously ,”fix the color” of his adjacent teeth.

That’s to say, we were going to do some cosmetic dentistry in addition to oral surgery today.

Ultimately, once the extraction site completely healed in several weeks, I would install the permanent restorations. To put in another way, a “3” unit ceramic bridge over the extraction site and two individual crowns of the adjacent teeth.

In short, kill two birds with one shot of anesthetic…….

The Flow of Today’s Appointment

“Firm in principle and Flexible in Procedure”

The Discussion

No Doubt, the tooth had to come out. By all means, it was fractured beyond repair. Absolutely, I would have loved to place an immediate implant, but the patient just wanted to leave with a tooth in place. An immediate implant to the site would have been a bit risky in the sense that, I could not guarantee that I would have been able to place an immediate crown on the implant on this same very visit. There are many factors that play on making the decision of immediate implant placement versus delayed implant placement. This was the best option for the patient because he wanted a definitive immediate tooth. In addition, he received a cosmetic benefit of all ceramic crowns on the adjacent teeth.

At the end of the visit, the patient went on to his very happy merry way with a fixed temporary bridge of a refreshing shade.
He will return in several weeks for a digital impression and subsequent final ceramic crowns. Today’s visit took on shot of Lidocaine and One Hour’s time.
Fractured lateral central incisor
Plastic temporary in place after extraction of fractured root
Close up of area with temporary in place


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