Dental Tourism

The Story……….

Notably, a new patient recently presented for a consultation. In fact, her chief complaint was some lingering pain in the upper front area of her mouth. “Actually”, she said,” it’s been there for some time now; since I got back from Mexico.” I donned a pair of latex gloves and began my clinical exam. Subsequently, I noted severely edematous, bleeding gums draining pus. I was silently thinking, “not good” and a formulated a plan to find the source. With this intention, I instructed my assistant to proceed with a set of radiographs.

A Small Piece of My Philosophy

Given that I enjoy traveling and always seek to broaden my professional education, it only makes sense to travel and learn. Accordingly, on my travels, I have befriended talented dentists from big cities to small towns. This exploration of people and places gives me great joy and furthers my appreciation for humanity. Although we may talk different languages, enjoy different past times, savor different spices in our foods, people really are the same in creation. As a final point, People are good.

Dentistry is technically difficult. There are many fabulous, incredibly gifted clinicians around the world. To get back to the point, I would be a fool to think that only the best dentists are from the United States. To put it another way, Norwalk, Connecticut is not the center of the dental universe. Indeed, Norwalk has got just as many more/less talented dentists as there are in Cuauhtemoc, Mexico (same population of 90,000 citizens). More importantly, I can not believe that a dentist in Mexico is less driven to deliver the best quality of care he/she is capable of delivering. Granted, people are the same. Even more, your dentist in the states is just as motivated to provide quality dental care as a your dentist in Mexico.

DO YOUR RESEARCH. More importantly, ask yourself these questions in the process before you commit.

Things To Consider………..

The Top Reason For Dental Tourism

The Money. It’s always the money. The Lower Fee!

The Reasons To Beware of Dental Tourism

Infection Control

Is infection control being applied in that dental office?Are instruments being sterilized? Is the autoclave being tested weekly for spore count? Is the dental assistant trained properly? Are water lines being flushed? What’s the standard of water in Mexico? What about the quality of the water running through the water lines. Is that local water unfiltered? Do you believe you are medically safe from untreated water getting pumped into a fresh extraction/implant socket? Are ALL surfaces being wiped down with bactericidal chemicals in between each patient care?

Inadequate Training

Above all, self explanatory. Is the dentist trained by a legit dental school? What’s the standard of care in that country?

Unapproved Materials

Are the materials that will be placed in your mouth FDA approved? Are you really paying for what you think you are getting? Is it really a gold alloy porcelain fused to metal crown? Is there a substitute base metal in that crown? Incidentally, Nickel is a cheap metal substitute that can go into a crown’s fabrication. Most importantly, many people are allergic to Nickel. If left in place, a nickel alloyed crown will destroy your gums and jaw bone.


Does the dentist offer high quality digital dentistry such as CEREC and digital radiographs and CAT scan imaging.

Lack of Follow-up………….. What if???

What happens if you need follow up care? If something goes wrong, are you able to go back there to get it fixed?

The Story Continued……

The opening patient required removal of two front teeth due to recurrent decay and two dental abscesses. In addition, two veneers, four crowns and two dental implants which was all done by me in my office via guided CAD CAM Implant surgery. She’s doing fine now and prefers to visit the beautiful beaches of Mexico instead of the dental clinics.

When it’s all said and done. If you research, you can save significant money because there are many gifted dentists with superbly trained staff outside of Norwalk, Connecticut.

Granted. One Can make the same argument for selecting an American trained dentist. This leads us back to my initial point. The same criteria should be used in picking your dentist here in Norwalk Connecticut.


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