A Big Thank You To My Lab Guy, Jimmy over at Nyberg Dental Lab

The Challenge

So often, cosmetic challenges may present. By the same token they can be beyond my technical abilities to troubleshoot directly due to lack of chair side material choices. In fact, I can always creatively envision a final outcome in my mind’s eye. The problem is that I may not have the tools and materials to deliver it right there on the spot on my office. CEREC has it’s limitations. At times, I will refer challenging cases to my local lab technician, Jimmy. The guy has a shop right down the street. Lucky me!

The Front Teeth

By all means, front teeth are animals. Particularly vicious. Specifically demanding and ultimately defining of a smile. Thus, they have to be right. For this reason, esthetics are driven by obvious factors: color, shape, size, proportion to adjacent teeth, and over all balance in harmony with the full smile. Some people just don’t care about their front teeth.

“It’s just a tooth.”

or My favorite,

“Who can see it anyway?”, I often hear.

My facial expression on hearing these bizarre statements is usually of incredulity.

My response usually goes like this, “That’s okay, but let me try to make it as perfect as possible.” This is a request to satiate my selfish quest for satisfaction. I always say in my office ,“God gave you the best.” However, with that being said . “Give me a shot. I like to be competitive.” That’s the passion. That’s the drive to make things interesting at my office everyday.

The Unsung Hero; The Lab Guy and his Shade guide

I very much appreciate when my lab guy comes in for the assist. In the first place, a single tooth can have multiple shades and physical attributes. Not to mention, it can look different in different lighting. Oh yeah….. What kind of light is shining on that tooth? Could it be natural sunlight, fluorescence light, or incandescence light? As a matter of fact, teeth can have “patches” of shades within a shade. In addition, there can be little lines running in various directions. These lines are called craze lines. Also, teeth can be very shinny or very dull upon light hitting them. In addition, a tooth can be square, ovoid or flat in profile. Unfortunately, shades of teeth do not always like to cooperate with my standard chairside shade guide or materials.

Sometimes we may need a custom blend of shades, a talented technician and a bit of imagination before we can realize “the one”.

Hence, my lab guy and friend, Jimmy from Nyberg Labs, sees all that stuff we take for granted in the makings of a tooth, for which I am very much thankful.

I placed the implant

Jimmy made the restoration


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