OMG. Be Careful. It’s Killing Me!

The New Patient Introduction

A new patient, female of middle age, came in today complaining of excruciating pain emanating from the internal aspect of her lower lip. The first and only thing she said with urgency, was not Hello. Instead, in brief, “Be careful. It’s killing me. My lip is on fire. It must be an abscess or worse.” In light of the urgency, I dispensed with the formalities of the introduction.


Visual inspection of the area took me all of 2 seconds to make the diagnosis. The teeth were fine in the area, moreover, no obvious decay. No need for the routine radiograph. Oh yeah. It was bad. No joke. Very bad. Raised and fire engine red in outline. Not to mention the yellow jellylike cratered center in form. Yes, very painful to experience. I rarely get them. Equally important, my wife suffers with them and is at their mercy.


In the final analysis, Aphthous Ulcer/ A.K.A. Canker Sore



Canker sores are NOT the same as cold sore ulcers. In fact, canker sore ulcerations develop in the non keratinized tissues of your mouth. Moreover, they are observed in the movable cheek areas (base of your gums, soft palate, under your tongue and inner lips).

Most canker sores uniquely are outlined in red with a yellow core, oval in shape, very painful because of the inherent movable tissues they are imbedded in.


Who knows? Viral in nature perhaps? Its probably related to STRESS….. Stress, of course presents in many aspects. I frequently see patients present with canker sores this time of year especially when life gets hectic, Cold weather, change in season, lack of sleep, subtle exposure to irritating viruses, Christmas gift bills to pay, poor diet…. It’s a cumulative series of stressful events that culminate with a manifestation of ulcerations of the mouth.

NOTE: I have personally experienced the onset of aphthous ulcerations with the use of a certain toothpaste.

Who gets them?

Mostly women and teenagers contract canker sores. They are not contagious.

Foods To Avoid?

Canker sores may be brought on by certain acidic foods such as pineapple, grapefruit and oranges.


12-14 days from onset time.


In the final analysis, nothing really. Get some stress relief. Yoga? Hit a heavy bag? T.M.?

If there is really BAD pain, I can help. When quality of life is severely compromised, I can always write a prescription (like our Friend who presented as a new patient today) for Magic Mouthwash. I request the pharmacist to make a concoction rinse that has a combination of three components in equal parts: Benedryl, Malox and Viscous 2%Lidocaine. I generally require patients to utilize this mixture as a rinse and expectorate as needed for pain relief.

There is some literature that taking a daily amino acid supplement of Beta Lysine may prevent the formation of the ulceration.

Dr. Emilio & Associates,  Always Accepts  New Patients. He especially exceeds at treating same day emergencies patients suffering from tooth ache pains.

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