“I don’t want braces, but can you fix this one tooth?”

The Demand

This is a common request in my office. Often, patients just don’t want to go through the hassle of straightening their teeth via conventional orthodontics. In addition, the time to get teeth straightened can take years. Not to mention, such an endeavor can cost a small fortune.

The Thought Process Prior To Treatment

First, I evaluate every situation unique to that patient. Before any treatment begins, there needs to be a discussion of the pros and cons. Equally important, esthetic expectations are shared. When patient and dentist are in alignment, we can then begin.

Treatment Flow

To begin with, I inject usually one shot of lidocaine locally. Next, there’s about seven minutes of preparation with the drill. Finally, there is a quick digital impression of the area with the CEREC capturing wand. The virtual design of the restoration takes me about 4 minutes. Soon after, milling of the unit may take another 8 minutes. Without delay, the unit is carefully placed by my assistant into the ceramic furnace for a 15 min cure. In due time, the restoration gets bonded into place, which takes me about 4 minutes flat.

Final analysis

In conclusion, many times there can be a simple solution. From time to time, a simple change can be delivered in a seamless manner with minimal cost, time in the chair and no complications. In this case, a single Emax ceramic veneer was bonded to place. LOOK CAREFULLY. IT IS THE LATERAL UPPER INCISOR. The key is that it should fit in and be not so “perfect”. Intentionally so. It’s important to realize, the entire visit took less than an hour. With this in mind, the patient left with a smile.

BEFORE___”Tucked behind” front lateral incisor
AFTER___Smile Line. The Veneer “fits in” with the other teeth
AFTER___Retracted lip


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